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The ACET training courses are all instructor-led and classroom based. This format provides an interactive and collaborative learning environment, where trainees have the opportunity to explore the tools available in ACET, using real-world examples, with the support of the instructor.

The course includes instructor demonstrations, group and individual activities, short quizzes, and the opportunity to try additional examples and tools. Each module builds towards the basic knowledge and familiarity of the tools that are required to use ACET throughout the workflow process.

Trainees receive a handbook of information, instructions, and activities, along with a set of course materials, which includes example data to be used in conjunction with ACET.

ACET training has been structured to accommodate different user levels, where training manuals are tailored to deliver a course aligned to the client’s business requirements (Risk Assessment, Workflow, etc.). In addition to this the courses on offer are role based and cater for the day-to-day operator, the engineer and the project manager.

The objective of the training manual is to give the new ACET user the confidence and capability to populate, and use, a new database, which reflects many of the issues encountered within an actual process plant or asset.

The user will be instructed, through a simple step-by-step process, on how to enter the system in order to populate and run a database and use the modules to their full potential. The user will then be expected to populate certain key information prior to manipulating and assessing the various forms of data they have entered.

Each course has been structured to give the new user an understanding of the relationships and hierarchies that exist within ACET. By following the detailed user tasks the user will develop an understanding of the system requirements and functionality.

A representative from the Oceaneering ACET support team carries out ACET training. Training can be undertaken within the dedicated Oceaneering Aberdeen premises in Scotland or alternately at the clients' premises should this be requested.

Please note that each training course is dependent on the final package and modules purchased.