Helpdesk System

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ACET support is undertaken by personnel with an in-depth knowledge of corrosion, inspection and the industry, as well as the product and its various modules.

The same high level of support is available to each and every user. This is achieved through standard working day access via telephone and e-mail, with the ACET Help Desk being available 24 hours a day.

Several support tools are used in the provision of support services, including a Help Desk Ticketing system, a Project Management Database (PMDB), an Action Information Management System (AIMS), Email and Telephone. The ACET Help Desk system is a web based help/ticket system. Each user gains access to the system through a user ID and password.

The Help Desk System offers advantages over standard email support as follows:

• Each Ticket retains the history of dialogue between the user and the Support Technician.
• All Tickets raised by the user are retained as a permanent record.
• Each Ticket can be assigned a priority.
• Automated responses are sent on Ticket receipt, assignment and update.